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Seven Degrees of Connection


7 Degrees of Connection, the whole time I was absorbing the color swatches, I was also pondering that theme. What did it look like? I know what it feels like, the connection, like a vibration of energy or light that we share, like a sending and receiving of satellite signals, but how would that play out visually. The mycelium (root system) of the mushroom kept coming to mind. I’ve heard incredible things about its ability to connect, interpret and share information about its surroundings. When I looked at images of mycelium, I was reminded of another information system found in the brain, the neural network.

Photo from

The connection we have is much like neurons connecting in the brain. The seven panels pushed together to make a whole unit suddenly appeared as a mutual mind state to me, a sharing of thoughts, ideas, our minds synchronized.

IMG_1708 IMG_1707 IMG_1706

Our neural network was mapped out across the panels. And the carving began.

IMG_1725 IMG_1724

The 7 individual paintings here, approached as a whole unit, yet somehow maintaining a distinct identity for each panel, that is how I see the collaborative exhibit. We are unified in a grander purpose. And that I will share tomorrow.

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