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Yesterday, January 30, 2010, was the first day I had really let loose and played in my studio just to experiment and have fun since this year began. Although I am so thankful for the day, I am also sad that a month passed without playfulness. This month has been full of creativity, but the time of creativity all had a purpose. It was all done with an end goal in mind. I had to create X to accomplish Y.

This year, this decade, began with focus and goals. I really want my art and teaching to provide enough income to cover workshops and supplies to enable me to teach at Veronica’s Voice. Now at the end of January I am ready to pitch this focus on making money, even for a purpose, even doing what I enjoy, for freedom and play. Although this focus has forced me to jump hurdles and set goals that I otherwise would not have accomplished, I also built myself a huge wall of ARTIST’s BLOCK. The wall is officially torn down, and I’ll be using the rubble to have fun and play this coming week. While I will not be changing what I am doing creatively speaking, I will be changing the reason behind it all. What a great reminder to do what I love to do because I enjoy being creative and sharing this joy with others, not because I have to.

Yesterday, to begin my playfulness, I tried out the new Tulip Fashion Graffiti Paint Cannon, but rather than using it for fabric, I loaded it with a watered down mix of fluid acrylics to try out potential Art Journaling applications. It’s been a cold winter and I miss spray painting with my stencils. This appears to be a great alternative, although the lines are not as neat and crisp as spray paint offers. This newly released product is currently only available at Michaels. And thanks to Pam Carriker who gave me the heads up on this fun tool. She’s also done a great video tutorial on her blog. Here’s the first little spread I created, background painted haphazardly with acrylics then sprayed with the paint cannon over a paper stencil. Then I added detail with paint pens and those cute little kids.

And a couple more just to try out different stencils and backgrounds. Both of these images were created using paper doilies.

On another note, I just have to share how much I have been enjoying this book:

Patti Digh does a great job of addressing the complacency that often immobilizes our society from being compassionate, but she does it in a way that makes one want to take action and live intentionally. Rather than preaching, she tells stories, relational stories, that enable the reader to see past every day happenings into the richness of caring about others, about being oneself, about seeing life through a new lens. She gives a great dose of fresh perspective. Besides thought- and action-provoking stories, Patti also compels further thoughtfulness through a series of writing exercises and additional challenges. Since I began the book during the busy holiday season, I opted out of doing the exercises, but intend to work back through the book after I’m done reading it the first time. Yes, I’m already planning on reading it again.

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  1. wyanne says:

    so glad that you found some time to play. I think I’ll do the same today! Glad you like that book…that was the first book my work was published in! Have a great day and happy creating!

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