School Room(s) Organization

Yesterday was our official first day of school for this school year. Part of the assignment was to clean and organize and purchase supplies.

Our school cupboard:

Our library book shelf:

Our work area/dining room table. As you can tell, we did not get all the “putting away” done from our clean up.:

My favorite, our art cupboard full of altered books supplies and other various inspiring supplies:

And it closes up to be hidden away:

Our school year began with prayer. Keeping our eyes on our Savior as our Guide will allow us to accomplish our goals of diligence and orderliness. Our first challenge is fine tuning our schedules to work together most efficiently and productively. I enjoy a challenge.

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0 thoughts on “School Room(s) Organization

  1. Acceptance-with-Joy says:

    I am jealous of all your organized spaces. I especially love the long credenza/library. Gorgeous! I like dark wood. Oh… and I got a kick out of the old movie projector on your art cabinet. Marissa didn’t even know what it was. Oh… the pain of living in the era of videos and DVDs…

    We are not “officially” starting school until September. I still philosophically embrace year-round school, but I cannot get past:

    Summer School:

    * Marissa is doing a lot of childcare (Child Development; Family and Consumer Sciences)
    * With more income, more spending and more money coming and going from her checking account, we are spending more time balancing and budgeting (Consumer Math ~ which, BTW, she is way more anxious to learn than algebra)
    * Virtual Driver’s Education

    Additionally, we are going to a Teen/Adult Fetal Alcohol Camp one weekend and have company coming…

    No matter how much I try to instill life-long, daily learning… we live in a culture that operates around the public school schedule.

    I secretly plan school all year round for my benefit. I get worn out without lots of breaks. We’ve tried the traditional school year and I feel so frazzled. I’m learning to plan around all the summer activities which is so hard. You are right. Culture does operate around the public school schedule.
    I appreciate the quotation marks around officially. School is life, life school.

  2. southerngirlmusings says:

    I have set our start date for August 13th but I am still tweaking. I did go to Lowe’s today because I am in need of another shelving unit for some storage so I can be organized like you. 🙂 I love the idea of many breaks because like you I think I need them to thrive.

    Tweaking is always good. I think I am always in the state of tweaking.
    I always enjoy getting organized and ready to go. The kids and I had so much fun getting our school supplies too.
    I’ll be thinking of you on the 13th!

  3. Amber says:

    Very neat and tidy:-) My husband and I are workin gon my storage space this weekend:-) Maybe I will be brave and post pics too:-)

  4. Anna says:

    Oooh, very inspiring! I love looking at how other people organize things. By the way, I have the same set of old orange Childcraft books you had in your cabinet! Aren’t they great?

    My favorite one is Vol. 11, Music for the Family. We’ve had so much fun with that through the years. I’m actually using these books in my altered book project now. Rather than ripping out pages, I’m scanning them, so books remain intact.

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