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School Essay

I Love Fall
by *** (my son)

Once upon a time there was an innocent (well, somewhat innocent) boy named ***. I am here to tell you his legacy. He is what you would call a ‘fall guy.’

When he was two, he was sent spiraling down for the first time. He fell down a flight of stairs. I don’t mean he tripped and slid down, I mean he tripped and fell down, stair by stair. His mom came rushing in, rather calm and unaffected by the fact that her son could be dying at the moment. Fortunately, there was little damage done. His spine was not cracked; his head was not split open. He had survived his first fall.

But wait, there’s more, when he was six his dad built a tree house, and two years later he fell out, dropped twelve feet, and landed on his back. Once again, his mom was rather unaffected as soon as she saw he was not hurt. He had done another death defying feat.

Also when he was eight, he had another drop. He walked into the front yard of his house, climbed up a tree, lost his grip, and slipped. He fell six feet and landed on his head. He had laughed in the face of death yet again.

And for a final (so far) act, he topped it all of with a nice, pleasant, canyon drop. He went with his family to Threshing Machine Canyon. He and his dad found a nice spot and *** started to climb up the side. He was about two feet from the top when it happened. He grabbed hold of a loose rock, which slipped out of the dirt and fell down, *** going with it. His dad reached out and grabbed him just before he landed, thus he walked away, once again relatively unhurt and still not dead.

The End

Don’t forget to read the sequel, ***’s cuts and Bruises

I must explain why my son says that I am relatively unaffected by his falls, otherwise you might believe that I am actually unconcerned. I have a built in reaction to trama. It is calm. On the inside I am freaking out that one of my children is maimed, but on the outside a level-headed and intent problem-solving calm takes over. After all is determined well, or all bleeding stopped, I retreat and freak out privately.

amanda ∞

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  1. Don’t ya love seeing the world from his perspective? Very cute! Especially the sequel part 🙂

  2. Your son is very creative. I am not the kind of person who stays calm… in any sort of crisis. That is my husband’s job.

    [rather calm and unaffected by the fact that her son could be dying at the moment] I did get a little grin out of this. When I fell and broke my arm, I went in and laid on the floor and very melodramatically told my mom that I had broken my arm. This was met with the same unaffected calm… until she saw my arm. See… up until that very moment she thought I was acting. Her calm disappeared and she just started yelling, “Jim, Jim…” She didn’t even come over and comfort me! 😕

  3. oh that was so good… i wish i could get my son more interested in writing….. um… i try not to freak out when my kids fall … but i cant help but react when they are puking! i want to puke too… i didnt used to be that way but ever since the first pregnancy i just cant help it… also anything to with cleaning up where our parrot makes a mess? ugh i really want to puke… ugh … ok sorry this was a gross post

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