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Roof Dogs

I love the city. Never a dull moment here. Every January the drumming group across the alley breaks out of the house and drums through the streets of our neighborhood in the freezing cold after 10pm. This year they even had flame throwers.

We have the most interesting characters living in our neighborhood, many entreprenuers, a great mix of ages and affluence, artist, chefs, single moms walking their children to daycare and to the bus, and the homeless wander through.

The houses and apartment buildings in our neighborhood are beautiful. For the most part they have been restored. There is an occasional ugly one in the mix like the empty one next to us, but even the ones that need work are mysterious and beautiful. They have hidden stories and treaures within them.

We also have roof dogs.

amanda ∞

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  1. haha… roof dogs! wow… i’ve never seen a dog on the roof before… 🙂 that’s funny

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