Rock quarry of love

So I hammered rocks this week, beautiful flint rocks from Kansas.
Rock quarry

And then my fabulous peeps at the Willow Tree transformed the rocks into offerings at the altar of remembrance.
the altar

The past few weeks, we have been talking about how even when we are apart from each other, our hearts remember, our hearts pray for one another.
the lovethe messages

Words: names, goals, desires, images were all inscribed on the rocks and placed on the altar, a remembrance of this moment together.
the grouping

How appropriate as one person shared that the Willow Tree has been her rock, her haven.

And this little hand with a gathering of rocks, she had me write Mommy and Daddy on each one. She is taking them home.
this little hand

This place makes my heart full.

And it is about to become even more full to overflowing as I begin sharing the Joy Journal Project at the Kansas City Rescue Mission Women’s Center next week!



To make this happen, I am purchasing journals for each of the women and art supplies (paints, brushes, scissors, etc) to leave at the center for their use. If you would like to become a part of this project, please contact me to donate art supplies or use the donate button below (also on the side bar) to help with the cost of the new supplies. I will remove the buttons once the costs have been covered.

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