Righteous Anger Released

I’ve had an internal struggle going on lately. It has been building up little by little, but last week I became angry. The anger has subsided, and I’ve had time to really discern whether it was righteous anger or whether I personally was taking offense, which to me is sin. Righteous anger won out and I have felt really compelled to share my thoughts.

My blogging adventure began a bit over a year ago. Being a new subscriber to The Old Schoolhouse magazine, I was introduced to Homeschoolblogger.com and loved it. I loved the atmosphere, being surrounded with writing from other homeschool families who were in love with their Savior. It was a great place for me to begin blogging.

Through blogging at HSB I learned so much about html, making template adjustments, all kinds of useful skills. They have been of great benefit to me. I also learned how easy it was to develop meaningful relationships with people through blogging. HSB was a great place to share and experiment with blogging. I thank them so much for the blogging community they have created.

But HSB is where my anger is directed, or rather their blog, HOME WHERE THEY BELONG — A brief commentary on public and home education in the news. Entry after entry is news of the awful things happening in public schools, and there is plenty to keep the posts going, but there is very little edification, very little good in these posts, and it is biased reporting. I can understand homeschoolers promoting homeschooling, but Christian homeschoolers promoting homeschooling by reporting the evils of the other party reminds me too much of political slander. Homeschooling is such an awesome candidate, it really need not speak ill of its “competition” to make itself look better.

The typical audience for these posts is the people plugged into homeschoolblogger.com, most of which already homeschool our children. Encouraging homeschoolers to avoid public schools reminds me of that old phrase “preaching to the choir.” How are these posts going to change my thinking toward my Christian friends that do not feel led by God to homeschool? I pray that I do not begin judging their choices about raising their families, but this is the road our human minds naturally take. When we are continually hearing only negative, judgment does naturally ensue.

There are a few things that keep me from going down this path of judgment. One would be the knowledge of the incredible grace bestowed upon me. Another, my dear husband and his critical thinking, and yet another would be the godly families I know that do have their children in public schools. Both my husband and I would be horrified if our friends felt we were judging them for not homeschooling their children. I want to stay as far away from this as possible.

Now I do believe that homeschooling is THE BEST for our family. I could write page after page of the incredible journey homeschooling has been for each of us. I will NOT share with you all of the bad stories that I know firsthand of homeschool families that are not glorifying God by keeping their children home. So instead of dogging public school, I am going to promote homeschooling by bringing it into a positive light by sharing our story.

Homeschoolblogger.com does host many wonderful blogs that I love to read. I do have a great deal in common with so many people there, but have decided to distance myself from HSB (but not from my friends there). I could easily stay away from their particular HOME WHERE THEY BELONG blog, yet I don’t want to be associated with them anymore. I don’t want someone else to associate me with them either.

Since I love to blog, I am so thankful for other free blogging sites. I have found WordPress so easy to use and without the continual crashes or inability to access my blog. I hadn’t been blogging very regularly before this blog, I think due to the feeling I was having towards HSB. It feels good to write again. It feels good to be inspired again.

Philippians 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

amanda ∞

0 thoughts on “Righteous Anger Released

  1. Amy Grant says:

    I read some very enlightening thoughts here… you are right. Positive should always be promoted. :o)

    I would be honored to be on your list. I will add you to mine as well!

  2. Acceptance-with-Joy says:

    I enjoyed HSB too and was glad for the opportunity to start blogging in an environment with so many like-minded people. I ignored Home Where They Belong becuase Marissa was in government school until she was in 7th grade. While she is doing wonderful at home and our family is blessed, it would not be true to say she was not learning anything and was in an unsafe environment with uncaring teachers.

    I made a deliberate decision to leave HSB too… and like you, my decision was to take a moral stance. I haven’t shared the reason and really don’t know if I am ready to.

  3. hiddenart says:

    Although we may have different reasons for leaving HSB, I am comforted to know I am not the only one that had a moral delimma. I really felt uneasy sharing this, but felt compelled by God to do so.

    I find myself wanting to write more, but I continue deleting it. No need to go further.

  4. cellista says:

    Great post! I too like to look at the positive side of things. Sometimes I hear myself talking about all the negative aspects of public schooling, especially our neighborhood elementary (we live in an inner city area), rather than emphasizing all the positive things we love about homeschooling when questioned as to our reasons for homeschooling. I sound like I’m fleeing from ps, rather than blazing my own new trail–being a refugee rather than a pioneer. I’m going to try to talk more positively now. Thanks for writing this. You put into words some of my subconscious thoughts and why I’m glad I chose WordPress also.

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