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Return to Joy

return to joy 1
return to joy 2
return to joy 3
6×6 each encaustic collage on Encausticbord
Available in my Etsy shop.

Ever have one of those days? Argh! This tryptich was inspired by a morning of frustration. I had a very busy week meticulously planned and had a wrench thrown in my morning. My immediate response was exasperation and annoyance. I was feeling negative emotion from the circumstances. Given some time to process through the situation, I was able to see the other person’s point of view, and then return to my relational self. When I made it to my studio, I was able to take that emotional ride and build the story above to express the 3 distinct phases of my emotional journey.

Beyond my emotions, this tryptich also tells a story of the presence of God. When I was upset, I was no longer able to sense God with me, but as I returned to joy, I understood that He was there the whole time. As I looked back, I could see that my relational shut down had caused me to turn my back on Him. I really did not want to be compassionate, but wanted to be angry at the situation. Acknowledging the presence of God really makes it difficult to be angry. In turning towards Him, I found joy and relationship again.

2 Comments on “Return to Joy”

  1. I am so grateful for you and your ability to recognize your journey and especially to share your journey.

  2. It is always a joy to visit your blog, read your sincere words and see the visual feast you have created! Thanks for being you and sharing yourself with the world. You are truly a light on a hill!

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