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Yea, that’s how I feel about the attacks on my body right now, they are relentless. Just when I think I am on the road to wellness, a new ailment rears its head. This week it’s shingles.

I feel like this little hamster I painted a couple years ago, just hanging on.

hanging by a thread

Then I hear of a friend’s story of making it through Trigeminal Neuralgia, also known as the suicide disease, and life is put back in perspective. I am merely annoyed and slowed down by my ailments, but I can certainly function and cope.

This week I did allow myself down time from the Art Every Day Month challenge just because I was pretty wiped out. But I did get to meet with my fellow art journaling friend and paint a little joy into my week.

dark swirly goodness

Perhaps one day I’ll get that perspective thing and my coffee cup won’t look so wonky, but until then I will be satisfied and will continue in practice. I really enjoy the practice.

And in further news, the supply list for the December Joy Journal Project is here!

2 Comments on “Relentless”

  1. Hate to hear about shingles. I had it last year during this time of year. Painful. I hurt for you. Hope you recover quickly.

  2. Oh no! I am soon sorry absolutely no fun to have shingles. Don’t compare. Your ailments are real and yucky. Cont resting let your body heal!!

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