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Today as I was raking the leaves in the front of my house, my mind was on Yolanda and her struggles. I mentioned to a neighbor that she had a ‘real’ job and the response was an exasperated, “I hope it lasts.” The neighborhood is against her. They don’t want her around. Really, who would want a neighborhood prostitute? But if she moves on to another neighborhood, the problem is not really solved, is it?

I have a compost pile where I am piling my leaves. Trip after trip I go with buckets of leaves. I’m recycling them to use in my garden next spring. Mixed in with the leaves is trash. I have to pick the trash out since it will not decompose. Come spring, the trash will not nourish my garden.

I’m a big proponent of composting and recycling. Our family recycles all we can, bottles, cans, plastic, aluminum, batteries. We also use very few disposable items such as napkins, plates, etc. This is because I know that when the garbage truck hauls away my load of trash, the trash does not go away. It has a destination. It does not disappear after a year or two. It sits in another location, stinking. But we do get the trash out of our sight and forget about it, don’t we? Who wants a load of garbage in their yard or house?

Isn’t that what we want to do with people like Yolanda too? We want to get them out of our sight, out of our neighborhoods; but they don’t just go away. They still exist elsewhere. I don’t want Yolanda to disappear and be forgotten, to stink somewhere else. I want her to be recycled.

This is such a disposable society. Most items today are marketed for convenience. Use it once, throw it away. No clean up necessary. Interesting how this thinking permeates into every part of society, even to our value of individuals. We can make a difference, one by one. We can transform trash into treasure, but only if we don’t throw it away, only if we look at it another way and see value, see what it can become.

God is a God of recycling. He recycled me. He took what I once was, broken and useless, and made me into a vessel of beauty for His glory. I am daily amazed and humbled at how He has and continues to transform me. If He can do this for me, He can also do this for Yolanda. And because He did this for me, I am able to look at her and see what she could be, not what she is. With that hope, I am able to offer her love. With that love, the transformation can begin.


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