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Record of the Times

Record of the times
12×12 encaustic collage with beeswax infused origami

This painting completed in May is a reflection of turbulence and change. You’ll be happy to know the little boat has made it to calmer seas now.

So why the turbulence? What changed? Simply, our church home. We attended a large church that served excellent Bible teaching. I am so grateful for what I learned, and I really do love the people there. So why did we leave if it was so great? For our family to fit within the authority structure of that church, we felt that we could not really be who we were created to be. Our family did not fit their mold. And since we have stopped trying, wow, so much baggage has been released, so much Christian angst is gone that I didn’t even realize was there. I now realize that I was becoming embarrassed to call myself a Christian, that I was not allowing myself to learn from other amazing teachers unless they were embraced by that church and not “dangerous” in some way, that I no longer desired to give money outside of tithing, that I lost my heart to serve because I’m not administrative or athletic, and that I really believed that all the other churches were not as good. Wow, the arrogance level kinda hit an all time high there.

Through this season of change our family has experienced, we are finding such rest and peace and new found joy that we would not have experienced without the turbulence and uprooting. What we are finding is that we had become very complacent and did not even realize it until our surroundings changed. The heart that I’ve always had, the one that is so compassionate for the down trodden, the one that swells continually with great emotion and care, is being rediscovered. I find myself looking in the mirror and saying, “Oh, there you are.” Sometimes turbulence is a very good thing.




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  1. what a wonderful post( and artwork!) I am so happy you all found a new church that embraces you and supports you to be you! You are right sometimes you need something that shakes you up a bit so you can change and grow in the right direction.

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