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Re-entry & an announcement

I’ve had some quiet time sequestered in my home. I have not been well this summer or early fall, but feel I am finally making progress towards “the way it was”. The few classes I have taught have taken my full energy leaving me voiceless on the interwebs.

How I spent much of my summer.

Strangely, being ill has been a blessing to me. All those daily chores that can become so mundane suddenly have new life when one is kept from them for too long. Now I get a little thrill from going to the grocery store and cooking meals. I’m hoping this appreciation of the little things of life will remain for a very long time.

During my  forced solitude, I have had much time to process ideas that have been rolling around in my head. This was facilitated by the Shine Bright E-Course which got me thinking about who I really am and why I am here on this earth. That and some nicely placed coincidences brought me to the conclusion that I’ve been veering off my God-made path. Not in a bad way, but rather in a way that wasn’t quite fitting for my purpose. So I have a big announcement, big for me anyway. I will be working towards a Masters in Art Therapy over the next few years. I have a few prerequisites to complete which will be done at the same time my last homeschool student graduates high school. Nice timing as I dive into the program.

So what does this mean for Hidden Art Studio? I will still be teaching classes, but my teaching schedule will be limited. I will still be sharing my art with the world, and I will most definitely be facilitating the Joy Journal Project. What changes the most is my internal focus and perhaps my voice here on my blog. My heart has always been for the underdog. I am most drawn to helping women and girls trapped in homelessness and all that entails. At this point I am turning my attention toward the new Kansas City Rescue Mission Women’s Center which will open in Jan 2013. How this journey will unfold is a great unknown, but I’ve always been one for adventure.

12 Comments on “Re-entry & an announcement”

  1. amanda, i think this is fantastic!
    let me know more about the shelter for women.
    master in art therapy….”very impressive mista cauda!”
    you’re a blessing in so many lives.
    with lotsa love,

  2. Amand, I am so sorry to hear you have been I’ll. Sounds as if the down time has given you a new purpose and new direction. May your new endeavors be successful and blessed.

  3. Hey girlfriend, I get the scoop on your blog! Whatup with dat? Seriously, congrats. I know GOD will use you in s big way. Its always amazing whe God is crystal clear in his plans for us. I love you friend.

  4. I am sorry I did not know you were not feeling well. I am glad you are better and I am proud you will be continuing your art. I miss seeing you and hope that the fall is more open for me than the summer has been.

  5. OHHHH I love it when I am right….WHen I took the first art journal class I thought this is great therapy. She should do this for a living. You have provided me with a wonderful, joyful release from the pressure of work and school and the time to focus on what is deep in my soul. I love school and I know you will too. Even those prerequisites are a great experience. I thank God for you and pray for your journey! Thankful too that you are on a wellness path! On the selfish side I have missed your blogs and hope you will continue sharing.

  6. Awesome Amanda!!! Praying for you! Thanking the Lord you are feeling better!! May the Lord bless you every step of the way!! Love you! – Suzanne

  7. Hi Amanda,
    I am so happy things are turning around go you. You have my total sympathy, as I’ve been dealing with fatigued adrenals/hypothyroid for the last year+. A lot of fatigue, sleep, letting go and accepting help. Going through illness really makes you think and reevaluate, and I’m happy for this new path that you’re on. Keep it up and continue to take good care of you!

  8. oh amanda,
    I hope you are feeling better! And it true sometimes we need a detour to help us find what our new path is, it sounds like you have heard a new calling…good for you I wish you much success in whatever you pursue:)
    xo katy

  9. Perfection! What a need. I had no idea how bad the situation is for women, but am learning how truly deep and difficult that cycle of homelessness can be. How beautiful to help through art therapy. Blessings indeed!

  10. Amanda, I am glad that you have been able to listen through your time of rest and healing. Some simply fight the quiet. It seems you have heard His voice more clearly and have a new sense of your purpose – to bless others through your love of art – it is a wonderful purpose indeed! Blessings to you and my prayers for strength, complete healing and fresh wonder each day.

  11. I have my masters in art therapy…believe in it…but insurance companies don’t pay for it…it is hard to make a living…but depending on where you live and practice…you could get a license and be in a good place for billing third party carriets. If I can ever be a resource…try to join some Art Theray groups to find out more of job opportunities after grad school. Be well and best wishes!!!

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