I noticed a theme in our Joy Journal Project class on Sunday.

Joy Journal Project 4

Seems so many had paths as symbols of quiet, paths and nature.

Joy Journal Project 3

We really had a beautiful time, sharing thoughts and discoveries,

Joy Journal Project 2

as we painted and glued and such.

Joy Journal Project 1

While the class was intently working on their assignment, I found myself drawn into my own page, layering deeper and deeper. I was remembering my room as a little girl, the dog cards cut out and hung on yellow burlap on my wall, the little table by made bed with a special place to hold my books. I loved my cozy bed, my soft pillow, the sunlight streaming softly in my room. It was peaceful and quiet. I found it easy to rest.

Joy Journal Project class demo 1

While in Pasadena last week, I found prints of the same dog cards that hung on my childhood wall. They brought an immediate smile to my face and I knew they would be perfect for my Joy Journal.

Joy Journal Project class demo 2

But the prints were too large.

Joy Journal Project class demo 3

I couldn’t bear to cut them.

Joy Journal Project class demo 4

Folding the paper made the prints somehow even more mine.

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