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Purging for the holidays

Still no photos. I need a new USB cable.

But today I cleaned out my fall decorations. While adorning the house with touches of autumn, I also purged the storage tub. I plan on doing this with each holiday. Christmas will be the big challenge.

Check out the great organizational tool over at Homeschool in the Pines. Her homeschooling just got tidier.

I’ve purged something in our homeschool as well, my inherent need to keep everyone on task. I just read an article in Home School Enrichment, Sep/Oct 2007 issues, entitled Navigating Through Life, Raising kids to take responsibility and make wise decisions. This article helped me to see that we are entering into a new stage of homeschooling. Everything has a season. The season of training my kids to be responsible is ending, and the season of allowing them to be responsible on their own has begun. I will still be reminding my son from time to time, but really, my daughter needs to have the freedom to reap the consequences of her choices, be they good or bad. I’ve been practicing this for several days, and while I’ve slipped up here and there, overall I have felt a greater sense of liberty in our homeschool. I’m liking it. Now to continue on and make this new season a habit for me. How easy it is to slip back into the old routine, especially when I want them to get their stuff done.

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  1. This is a very difficult season. I entitled it Roots and Wings and made a huge show of letting Marissa know that like a young plant needs to be protected while it develops a good root system, she has needed protecting but now we were teaching her to fly and allowing her to move toward independence. She took to it much better than I have. 😀

    My dilemma… now that I will have two young children again. Are our young kids more like birds or caterpillars? Are they born with wings and just need to be taught to fly? Or, are we waiting for their wings to come out? It seems that how we treat them when they are young will be quite different if we don’t know the answer to this question.

    Thanks for the link to Home School Enrichment. I was looking for a good magazine… I had been getting one but lately it has been mostly advertisements ~

    I think they are born with wings. Before they can fly, they should be nurtured, but they are going to fly one day, no matter the job we’ve done.

  2. Yeah, it’s hard. Watching their decisions, and stepping back. Real hard. I’ve always been so hands on, trying to guide, and direct, help along the way. Not always right, either. But, it’s hard. I’m working on it.

    So, I’ve posted a little about the challenge. Today, I took the dog back to the vet following a surgery-related side-effect, called 5 different “officials” about the removal of a dead bat from our pool (some more than once), and went to TaeKwonDo. Full day, you say? Ummm, sort of. Trying, anyway, to accomplish something for the day. I think I’ll continue to purge my desk. Next time you see it, you may actually be able to see the top of it. Or a table top in the room. Two trophies will definitely be MIA.

    Good night, my friend. I like Suzy Blu.

    Must clean.

  3. Yes, it does just feel good. I like it a lot.

    Thank you. Feeling good is nice. Just wait until you see my pantry. The food side, anyway.

    Wink. wink.

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