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My son’s room was out of control. He was losing clothes, toys, papers. He was having great difficulty putting things away, not because he didn’t make an effort, but because he was up against a giant. The giant’s name was Stuff. We’ve dealt with this giant repeatedly in the past. He has been a source of my frustration many a day. We usually would tuck this giant so he fit neatly into the room.

Yesterday we took on the giant to completely rid ourselves of him. We started in the morning and finished at bedtime. To begin, we pulled everything out of the closet.

This picture is out of focus, but for perspective, can you see me in the closet behind the pile? That is how huge the mess is.

And his shelves were no different.

We slew the giant and hauled out a full large trash bag along with much to give away. Here is some of the give-away pile:

His room is not large, so I was shocked by just how much had been crammed into this room.
His closet now:

And his shelves:

And my son’s disposition is one of delight. He feels free of a burden, and I think he will be able to succeed in keeping his room clean now. The giant is gone.

This giant was created from emotional attachment to Stuff. My extremely tender-hearted son had a memory to go with every object in his room. He was holding onto the things because of these memories, not because he currently used or enjoyed many of these things. This is a step of faith for him as he let go of so much. The only things remaining are things that he is actively using. He feels very good letting go of Stuff and is beginning to realize the memories may be triggered by Stuff, but Stuff can be a hindrance to glorifying God. It certainly was causing him to be disobedient daily as he tried to keep his room tidy with no success. My job now is to encourage him to not let Stuff back in his room.

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  1. Hmmm, do our kids know each other?

    Oh hey, you could actually see the shelvings now! (Did he really use the boombox?)

    That reminds me of how we could keep clutter in our hearts. Sometimes it’s “tricky,” yet how liberating it is to clear ourselves of them.

    Haha, that boombox still works! I received it as a Christmas gift in 1983. He did get rid of it though.
    I think his room cleaning is another great spiritual picture. God gives us so many of those through everyday life, doesn’t He?

  2. When I was packing my daughters’ room for our move here, I realized that my oldest has more stuff than anybody else in our family.

    If I let her keep everything she wants to keep, she would have as much stuff in her room as your boy! But I have now, from experience, learned to “pull the weeds as soon as they appear.” (I am only using the analogy because I’m in this blog and because I still have some big weeds right outside that remain to be pulled! Sigh.)

    You both did a great job! Tell your son we’ll be checking on it once in a while!

    Day 1: still clean!
    (Appreciate the weed analogy.)

  3. I am just stopping in to check up on you. I’ve read through the last several posts, and your openness really touches me in a deep place. I understand about the giving and not receiving, it’s hard. Small talk, I struggle with as well, and for the same reasons. I don’t know when I got bad at it, I think it was sometime shortly after I got saved, but it is a struggle for me as well. I’ve shared my feeling about relationships before, and I am thrilled to see God’s conclusion for you. I’m still looking for mine.

    The room looks great. I am still working on my stuff-Monster.

    Your sister-in-Christ.

  4. Purging stuff is the only way to help Marissa stay organized… well that and I had my husband build a frame for under her bed so she couldn’t clean by stuffing.

    I remember when I would tell her to go and clean her room and she would become paralyzed. She had no idea how to start!

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  6. I need to follow suit REALLY BADLY~only ALL OVER THE HOUSE and not just the boys’ room. OH it is really pretty bad….

    A good while ago I lent out Educating the Whole Hearted Child, and I never got it back. WAH! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

    My son’s room was the worst. My daughter’s room is next. She’s excited.
    You’ll have to check that awesome book out from the library at least once a year to get a good read in. I’m sure the person who has your copy was blessed by it.

  7. Wow. I felt a burden lifted from myself between the time I saw the first picture and the last. This has inspired me to attack my closet now.

    Well, I hope for your sake that your closet is not in that bad of shape. You may get lost in there.

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