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Purge Post Problems

I can’t get my camera to connect to my computer! Ack.

Such is life.

Anyway, yesterday I done cleaned out my frig. Yep. (did you detect the twang?) This is a weekly purge that is a great habit. Before I make that weekly menu and grocery list, I survey the contents of the frig, freezer, and pantry. To save money on each week’s grocery bill, I try to utilize ingredients and leftovers I already have. The frig is much easier to inventory AND much nicer to look at when it’s clean. Plus now I have room for the incoming groceries.

For this Purge Stuff Challenge, I plan on doing a small job each day rather than tackling a giant like the one that was once living in my son’s room. The little daily purging is doable for me while school is happening.

I’m a bit concerned that my son may be breaking a maintenance rule though. He and my husband arrived home from S. Carolina today after spending several days camping on a private island. I haven’t seen them, but I heard that over 100 lbs. of shells are buried underneath the video equipment in the trailer. We’ll see tomorrow.

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  1. Mom, most of the shells are gifts.

    -The Shell King Boy

    100 lbs. of gifts!!

  2. Well, we’d like to hear more about the shells and see them!

    I’ve been thinking about your challenge. I am more on the minimalist side now, but I feel being led to purge too- not necessarily just in my home, but in areas in my life. I will keep you updated.

    Once I get the USB cable for my camera replaced, I will show all the beautiful shells. Wow!
    I look forward to hearing about your purging. You always get me thinking.

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