Pure Experimentation

Mary Ann Moss is offering an online stencilry class over at Dispatch from LA. There is still time to register folks! The class officially began a week ago Friday, but the nice thing about an online class is the flexibility in timing. I just finally got to the assignment from last week today. No sweat, no pressure, and I had so much fun!

Check out the portfolio covers I made this evening:

They are made from scraps of cardboard. I love that! After they are completely dry, I’ll bind them with gaffer tape. I think red or black will be nice.

But before I had so much fun, I was a good, responsible wife and mommy. Accomplishments for the day include actually going to the grocery store (first time this month),  laundry, homeschool administrative duties, and a wee bit of Latin. The kids tried to trick me into being a teacher, but I wasn’t fooled by their clever rouse. I said NO. Teachers need a day off here and there or they tend to get grouchy.

amanda ∞

6 thoughts on “Pure Experimentation

  1. regina says:

    these are really nice! I’d love to try some of these techniques, but my plate is full these days.
    Looking forward to seeing what else you do.

  2. amanda says:

    Thanks! It is so fun too. I look at the whole world differently thinking, “oh that would make a great stencil.”

    amanda jolley

  3. Ai Boon says:

    Hello dear friend. Lovely art work. How are you doing? I am also finding my way back to art these days. Take care and regards to your family. Happy Mother’s Day to you. God bless.
    Ai Boon

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