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Public school encaustic series

I haven’t addressed it much lately, but we are a homeschool family. My kids are now high school age. Our choice to homeschool our children is multi-faceted, a couple reasons being to raise up adults that are able to analytically process decisions outside of peer influence, and that are able to think outside of the box.

In my stash of ephemera is a typed college outline from the late 1930s~early 1940s labeled TEACHING AND ADAPTION (planning programs for elementary grades and Junior and Senior High School). I’m finding much of the content disturbing as it deals with training a child for group mentality.

The outline has been great inspiration for my encaustic series though.

Public School #2
Public school #2

Public School #1
Public school #1

Both my husband and I are products of public school. I made it through school with good grades, and college as well, coming out with a Business Administration degree with a major in accounting. I even passed the CPA exam first try. But I did not learn how to problem solve or think past the task I was performing. With all my education, I entered the job force not knowing how to do more than I was told.

Why an accounting degree? My passions were really music, writing, and dance. Dance was an easy no. I am short and broad with meaty legs. Music, well I entered college with a piano scholarship. My college English professor encouraged me to change my degree because she saw potential in my writing style. With short-sighted vision, I could not see a career path in either area besides teaching, and did NOT want to be a teacher. (Oh, the irony as I have taught my own kids this last decade.)

Over the past 5 years, I’ve been able to slowly let go of the public school mentality and learn to be who God made me to be. I still cannot sit still in a group or lecture situation. My body wants to move. I am one of the “undesirable girls in club”, the one who can’t shut up or starts poking or annoying others out of sheer boredom. Finally, all those layers of what society told me I was supposed to be and how I was supposed to act are stripped away. I can relax and be who I really am.

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  1. Thanks for this, Amanda. As a mom to one of “those” girls, I like to be able to look at homeschooling as an option for her. She loves to learn. Just let her stand or dance while she does it. Of course she’ll need to learn self control, but I believe sitting still while learning is going to be very, very hard for her. This is the girl who sings and hums while she eats.

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