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Procrastination vs. motivation

I’ve been working (or not) on this sampler quilt for 5 years now. I took a “how to quilt” class in which we machine pieced the blocks and learned to hand quilt. I loved the machine piecing and did several block-of-the-month quilt blocks after this class (although I have not ever completed a quilt). The block-of-the-month worked for me because it gave me a deadline to complete one quilt block. I loved working with the variety of fabrics, and I loved having a reason to work on my sewing machine. To follow the block-of-the-months, I needed a now-finish-that-quilt challenge. I’ve come to terms with the fact that although I enjoy it, quilting is really not my “thing.” If it were, I’d be there working on something new each day, and I’d have accomplished at least one finished quilt.

About this particular quilt, I chose the fabrics with my mom in mind. As I touched each fabric and chose each specific pattern and color, I cried. The choices had deeper meaning than even I could grasp. On the surface I chose these fabrics because my mom’s favorite color is yellow, and greens and blues have always been a part of the color palette in her home and wardrobe. The pink represents me. I begged to have pink walls when I was growing up, and she painted my beautiful pale yellow walls to a beautiful pale pink just because she loves me. (Since I’ve “grown up,” she had no problem painting over the pink.) There is some irony in this bright and colorful quilt. My mom’s favorite, favorite color to decorate with is really white. I guess without intention, I am infusing her beautiful white home with color, or will be when it’s done.

Since this is a learn-to-quilt sampler, there are only six blocks. I have hand-quilted each block and have gotten a quarter of the way done on the border, but I haven’t touched it in months. When I found the template for the border I thought, “Finally, the perfect border. Now I have the motivation I need to finish.” That was a year and a half ago.

Since I’ve begun my journey with my altered hymnal, I haven’t really had a desire to quilt. I’ve finally found that creative thing that I love best. It is taking me on a grand adventure into texture and color and visual imagination. I love it. It is what I really want to do. But I also have a desire to learn to knit and crochet. You’re not helping, Sandi, with all that encouragement and inspiration. I have vowed not to learn to knit or crochet until I have completely finished this quilt. This is the motivation I need to get ‘r done, perhaps.

I’m also hoping that this public acknowledgement of my procrastination will help to motivate me.

How about I just do it?

amanda ∞

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  1. This is great, Amanda! I lost my confidence when I started a quilt and never finished, after taking one of those beginner classes too.. Thanks for the encouragement…and get going on your quilt!!

    I’d rather be blogging. 🙂 But yes, I will get going. It is actually off the shelf. That’s the first step.

  2. She alters books and quilts too. You are so creative.

    I made one quilt in my life ~ for a baby crib. Both my roommate and I were recently divorced; she had a 3 year old daughter who was going to die if Santa didn’t bring her a certain big, ugly pink Fisher Price crib that was on every other TV commercial starting in October. Well, we couldn’t afford it.

    My roommates brother happened to be living with us at the time. He designed a crib and made it out of scrap lumber from wood we had in the garage and a few dowels. My roommate painted and stenciled it and I made all the bedding. It really did turn out beautiful! We were so excited for Christmas morning! We were all up before the birds waiting to see our princess’ reaction.

    Our sleepy girl came out of the room rubbing her eyes, looked under the tree and said, “It’s not the right color!”

    Not exactly the joy we were hoping for ~ after she opened the doll from Grandma that went in it she was fine ~

    I love the story. I had similar expectations for gifts as a child. Since I didn’t communicate exactly what I wanted, I never got exactly what I wanted, but I did love what I got after a few moments.
    And you’ve finished a quilt!

  3. Beautiful quilt and love hearing the story behind the fabric choices. To borry a slogan from Nike, Just do it! 🙂 Then when you finish, you can develop a healthy fiber obsession while you learn knitting and crochet.

    I already have the fiber obsession. I have a texture obsession. Can’t stand stores that say, “Don’t touch.” How am I supposed to know if I want to buy it if I can’t touch it?

  4. HA HA HA! OH I am bad, because I vote you do both at the same time. Gives you something else to fall back on when you get frustrated! LOL!

    (((((I LIKE YOU, TOO, BTW!!!!!)))))

    You are SO selling me on your Latin. I’ve always wanted to do it, but I’m afraid I won’t follow through. OH~and there’s the $$$ thang…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  5. LOL – this reminds me of my half finished crochet blankets, half knitted kids jumpers (that they wouldn’t fit now anyway) & the fabrics I purchased to sew stuff… still in their bag…

    And I just remembered the unfinished spring outfit from 2 springs ago that is waiting to be sewn…

  6. I have so many unfinished projects. I have many finished ones also, but my nature is an idea and a start, and once it gets tedious or long, or I get distracted with something else, I don’t finish. I must say I have space limitations and time limitations with the age my kids are now. When they were little, they went to bed before 8 and I would craft in my craft area until 10 or 11. Now they are older and have some things in the evening and I don’t have a craft room or area. I will get to those things again in another season of my life and I have to accept that it is not now and enjoy this season and all it holds for it will soon be gone too.

    But, you need motivation, so here is the proverbial kick in the pants. “Just do it!” And have fun with it too.

  7. I can relate to having unfinished projects. I can also relate to what ‘Dawn’ says about having seasons in one’s life during which we start or complete things. It would be great if we could complete one season before we start another though, wouldn’t it?

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