Preparations, anticipation

Artfest is fast approaching. I’ll be leaving in 10 days! As I gather the supplies needed for my workshops, the excitement builds inside my chest. I find it a little harder to fall asleep each night as my mind whirls with anticipation. This will be my first year attending, so I’m keeping things pretty low key. I didn’t sign up for any additional projects like ATCs or Fatbooks just so preparations would not become stressful for me, but I have committed to one tradition. I’ll be bringing trades, something I have to share in exchange for something another artist has brought. I’ve soldered 100 marbles, and have begun adding the jump rings. They make the cutest charms, so this is what I’ll be trading.

The other thing I’ve been doing with my time is Latin catch up. I got behind in February while meeting a commission deadline, so now I’m intently learning and translating. My student is a chapter ahead of me, so I’m working to surpass her before I’m off to Artfest. It’s best that the teacher know the material first, but I am thankful that my student loves Latin as well, and has not let my lapse affect her work. I’m also thankful that I enjoy Latin or this could be an exercise in torture.

And have you all noticed? Spring has arrived!

amanda ∞

4 thoughts on “Preparations, anticipation

  1. Lisa Harper says:

    I love these marble charms, Amanda! If you have some left, will you sell them on your Esty site? I’d love to buy a few. I can’t wait to hear what you think of Artfest. Next year…I’m there!

  2. amanda says:

    I am planning on making more for my etsy shop, but have to go to the marble store. I’ve used up all I could find in the house. There is a great place near here that makes marbles, Moon Marble. It is marble heaven. I can hand pick my favorites. That will be almost as much fun as making the charms!

  3. red tin heart says:

    Amanda would you consider selling those as well. If you do I would love to buy a few after you are done with Artfest.
    I am in love with them.
    P.s thanks for the comment you left me today. It really made me feel good.
    Love Nita

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