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Prayer Chain for Mica

This request is from Patti at Treasure Barn:

Please help me start a prayer chain for my daughter in law Mica at Folk Art Dolls by Mica Garbarino.As most of you know she had a birthday last Saturday but was ill and could not enjoy the day. She had an ear infection and was seen by the ER doctors and they said she had an inner ear infection, gave her oral antibiotics and sent her home.I spoke with Mica on Monday and she said she was not any better and the pain was unbearable!
I spoke with her again this evening and she is no better . She is still in a lot of pain and her face and ear are badly swollen.She saw her family doctor today and he said that she does not have an inner ear infection but an outer ear infection which by the way is much worse. He gave her the strongest pain medication that they have without admitting her to the hospital and they also gave her a stronger antibiotic intravenously.

She is seriously ill. If she does not respond to the medication within two days she will be admitted to the hospital for further evaluation and treatment. She may even have to have surgery. The main concern is that it may spread to her brain.

I am asking for all of your prayers for Mica. Your prayers have helped many situations in the past and we need them now for Mica.

Thank You and God Bless

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