Prayer Brings Surprises

I’ve been serving lunch on Fridays at VERONICA’s Voice since late fall 2006. The number of people that are there each week differ, so I plan for 20-25. Sometimes I have leftovers, sometimes there is not a scrap left. Here’s what we do each week:
Monday: plan the menu and grocery shop
Tuesday: set aside ice to take on Friday
Wednesday: start with preparations
Thursday: cook, cook, cook; make tea; my daughter usually makes the desserts this day too
Friday: load up the cloth napkins, utensils, cups, finish any cooking, make name cards for the place settings, haul everything to my van, drive a few blocks to VERONICA’s Voice, unload everything, set the table, serve the meal family style, remove plates and serve dessert, wash the plates there, load up everything else that’s left, drive home, start washing dishes and packing things away until next week, wash napkins
Saturday: fold napkins

I usually work for several hours on Thursday and from wakey time until about 3pm on Friday. The work involved is quite rewarding since I absolutely love to cook and God has given me a super-huge compassionate heart for these women, but coming on 2 years straight with very few Fridays off can wear a girl out. I do have a friend that helps to serve on Fridays, and my daughter helps so much by making the dessert, but I thought it would be good to pray for some backup.

God has such a great sense of humor. My daughter’s love for cooking has grown immensely this past year. This week she says, “Can I cook the whole meal?” What a blessing to me since I really needed to focus on planning our school year. Little did I know my backup would come from within my own household.

Today my daughter will be serving:
Stromboli Sandwiches
Potato Salad
Orange Sponge Cake (which is sitting on the kitchen table looking like a good breakfast 🙂 )

amanda ∞

3 thoughts on “Prayer Brings Surprises

  1. Flo says:

    >>”Little did I know my backup would come from within my own household.”

    You trained her well. Or I should say, she has the right role model.

    Wow… that’s really neat. You are truly blessed:)

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