Amanda Jolley

Reflection on pattern and abstraction of the subconscious


The Art Journaling class this past Saturday was so inspiring.
Art Journaling Class 010
Why? I remember being introduced to different techniques used in art journaling and being so excited, and I saw it again on their faces.
Art Journaling Class 011
Do you remember that moment of inspiration, that moment of “I can use this to do that?!”
Art Journaling Class 014
That is the same moment when everything becomes art, whether it be textural, inspirational, or journal fodder.
Art Journaling Class 006
Patterns emerge. Shadows dominate. The everyday becomes suddenly extraordinary.
Art Journaling Class 015
I saw this in their faces. Thrill of thrill. Creativity ripples.

3 Comments on “Playtime”

  1. Wish I could have been there!

    I am taking Judy Wise’s online journal class — thank goodness for online classes at least. Next best thing to being there.

  2. The class was incredible! Amanda, you are a wonderful teacher…and it was such a fun group of students!
    I keep looking at what I created and still can’t believe I actually did it.
    Thanks again!!!

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