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Playtime with the Sunshine Family

The Sunshine Family by Mattel

Pink curtains, green carpet, I remember you, playing on the floor of my new room. The Sunshine Family was my friend on many a quiet afternoon, forever transforming empty tissue boxes, lids, cotton balls, caps, toothpicks, fabric scraps, into furniture for my little family.

{cushion seat}
cushion stool
{hay bail}
hay bail
ma in poncho
(fringe on the jacket}
pa in fringed jacket
{yarn belt}
grandpa wearing yarn belt
{knitting bowl}
grandma knitting

This peaceful, self-sufficient little family was my first practice in recycling. My own grandmother was the living example, not wasting even a bread sack without finding another use. This little family reinforced for me the ideal of living simply.

To add to the charm, the cow could ‘drink’ water when the udder was squeezed. The trough pump worked. The hen laid eggs.

Today I played again, one more time, with my little family. Or rather I struggled to remember how the barn fit together and the cat played.
cat pouncing

She loved the hen too.

amanda ∞

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  1. Aaaaw. I had a Sunshine Family play set too! I loved it! It was the Country Store with Mom, Dad, and Baby [no grandparents and no animals 🙁 ]. They were so sweet and simple! I think I still have the store packed away somewhere. Now I want to find it! I know I don’t remember how to put it together. 🙂 What wonderful memories.

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