Play with me

Less than exciting = Art Every Day Month – Day 17:
Gesso time
It was time to gesso some little canvases in preparation for Faces: All Norah’s online workshop. The workshop itself = more than exciting.

AEDM – Day 18 was spent on the art of relationships, a very abstract, yet fruitful, art.

Art Every Day Month – Day 19
Step 1: Prepare my work surface for encaustic time. Clean off the clutter. Plug in my griddle. Open the window and turn on the fan.
Encaustic studio setup
I must really love encaustic painting to open the window with such a chill in the air. I am thankful the fan is pulling air out rather than flooding the room with cold.

Step 2: Melt my encaustic medium. Gather tools. Make sure Encaustic Workshop by Patricia Seggebruch is within reach. (I caught the encaustic bug from Trish, and am so excited to be in 2 of her classes in Artfest 2011.) Since I am in the experimentation stage of encaustic painting, rather than investing in the very awesome Encausticbord by Ampersand, my husband cut some wood scraps we had on hand.

Step 3: Let the experimentation begin.
The first few strokes were so rough. Quick enough, a rhythm developed and the wax began to flow more easily.

Play with me

This little girl seems to want a friend to join her. After embedding the photo in the wax and carving out the words, it was time to try out the pigment stick.
Play with me
I love the creamy feel of the pigment stick on the wax. Using a glove, I rubbed the color in the words and around the edge, then removed the excess with a paper towel.

Next, on to a new texture.
Fabric & encaustic
The fabric is cut from an unused vintage quilt block. Although I’m not sure where this unfinished piece is heading, I’m loving the play time.

So many participants join in for Art Every Day Month, I have not had time to see all that has been created, but being a part of this creative surge really is inspiring.
Here’s just a few other fun creations from around the world for Day 19:

Facets and Fractals

Hartfelt Fabric Art

Sweet Limes

The Quotidian Journal

Love and Peas


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4 thoughts on “Play with me

  1. B @ Sweet Limes says:

    Your piece of the little girl has really caught my interest Amanda. The look of the wax and the pigment stick is terrific. Checking out new sites like yours is such a huge learning curve for me because I have only just started on this creative journey. I have to thank you for being inspiring and your lovely work as well as for linking to me, that is very sweet of you.

  2. rennata says:

    I have been curious about this type of work, Thank you for sharing your process. The little girl is adorable, but the play with me speaks to me about the style. I am going to have to try this.

  3. alex castro ferreira says:

    Hello dear friend i miss you. i wish we live near by! LOVE YOUR WAX PAINTING i didn t buy any for the moment but i do remember patricia ‘s class how i love it . the fun is so present with the wax. love your creativity. xo xo

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