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With our family business filling my every moment with it’s “accounting year-end” glory, my studio has been quite a dusty place. Besides the typical year-end bookkeeping, my husband and I have been scheming and planning. While very challenging in an exhilarating way, my left-brain has been on overdrive for a full month. I’ve found it difficult to switch back to right-brain function to accomplish anything in the studio, but that doesn’t mean my mind hasn’t been working in the floating moments. My shower time gets longer and longer on these cold days both because of the warm respite and that place that my mind wanders like I’m driving across Kansas. This time has allowed a pause from creating the tangible to creating the dream.

What I’ve learned in the shower:

  • my dream is quite within reach.
  • my dream looks different when viewed from different angles. It can be accomplished differently than I first imagined.
  • my heart has known my dream for some time, much sooner than my mind could grasp.
  • I really need to get to work! Not because of a deadline, but because I am so excited to give birth. I want to be fully prepared. Hmm, I’ve never thought of a business plan as nesting until this moment.
  • shaving cream does not make good hair conditioner.

The big dream reveal will come soon enough. Hint: it has everything to do with Creativity + Relationship = Healing

Tonight though, I did have a hands-on moment in my studio. I’m still working through The Creative Entrepreneur by Lisa Sonora Beam. My “tools & skills” page in the art journal was created intuitively. It includes spilled water turned dot-to-dot turned Big Chief. While that may not make sense, I blame it on my intoxication. While I was painting, I was overcome by the smell of wax on my encaustic brushes which sat nearby. The smell took me to that dreamy wax-drippy place my mind loves to go….

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