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Paper Stacks, an online collaboration

Vintage barn/home plans, phys ed booklets, nature papers

Seth Apter at The Altered Page is hosting Paper Stacks, an online collaboration. How apropo, because paper stacks, I’ve got ’em. I love the touch, the smell, the feel. Earlier in my life, I called my love for paper, “work.” Every accountant has stacks of paper, right? But now, I just have to be honest with the world. I LOVE PAPER.

Grandma Marcene's cupboard

This enduring cupboard once was filled with stacks of patterns and material, the love of my husband’s grandmother. I am honored to now fill it with my own love, the vintage papers, books and boxes mostly from her attic. I wish for you this blog was scratch ‘n sniff. Mmmm, the smell of history lies on these shelves.

Encyclopedias, dictionaries, record books, Bibles

Vintage sheet music

Favorite vintage shirt boxes

The boxes are very impractical. I need to label them to remember what treasures lie inside, but they are so charming I just had to put them to use.

Mens Athletic Pants for 25 cents

31 Comments on “Paper Stacks, an online collaboration”

  1. love this post! i took a trip into my old curio cabinet for my stack, too. so many of us treasure these bits of our personal history. it is wonderful to incorporate them into our art. and, that picture of the collie tugs at me. i have two smooth collies who mean so much to me. :0)

  2. Coool Amanda! And she’s got a crooked grin…right?!?
    (In answer to your comment on my blog about seeing a face in the knitting needles)

    BTW – I just noticed another stack up there on the right in the column in the ARTfest 2010 icon.

  3. What an awesome cabinet, and how nice that it has special meaning. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment, to answer your question: it’s the work of about 2 years. I’m glad to discover your art, too-I’ll be back to visit again. I just love ‘meeting’ new people through blogs.

  4. Great stacks, Amanda! This project is right up an artist’s alley 🙂 I know what you mean about labeling boxes to know what’s in them. I have a multitude of drawers and old suitcases that require labeling… some are, some aren’t. It was my husband’s idea to use clear boxes for those small bits of ephemera and I found they fit perfectly on bookshelves. I love to look at them too!

  5. As a fellow book/paper lover, I CAN actually smell it!!! Wowzah, love the cupboard… I could spend hours standing in front of it and just look!

  6. Love the books! I see you also do encaustic… sista! Lol on my chairs……didn’t know what else to do with my collection……hang em up! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I used to tell all of my bosses, don’t mess with my stacks, I know approximatley how far down in which stack, and if you mess with it, I will never find it!
    Love your stacks and boxes.

  8. These are really wonderful stacks, Amanda, and I love that you carried on your husband’s grandmother’s legacy in that fantastic cupboard as well!

    Thanks much for the blog visit and note, too 🙂

  9. I love your stack of books! Think of the altering potential…. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

  10. I love your stacks too! I think this has been the greatest project ever. What better way to get to know eachother, but through our piles and stack of books, papers, art and whatever!!! Great post.

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