Last night was the opening for my first art exhibit. I entered this piece into the Vision of the Flint Hills jury selection process back in July.
I was thrilled to receive my acceptance email last month.

Last night was exciting for me, my first exhibit on a First Friday, my first exhibit ever. The space was filled with beautiful work reflecting the beauty of Kansas, the Flint Hills in particular. Many gorgeous paintings were present. My piece was not like the others, not “fine art” if you will. I was surprised that it was selected with this particular grouping.

About two-thirds of the way through last evening, one of the gentlemen from the art space removed my piece from the wall. His comments were that it should not have been put up to begin with, that the wheat was falling off, etc. Rather than facing this conflict among the crowd of people, my husband and I quietly left.

After speaking with another representative of the exhibit today, I was again told that there was a concern with the mud falling off the piece. When I picked it up, all the mud and wheat were intact. My thought is that they felt it just did not fit with the exhibit but were not quite sure how to remove it because of the jury selection process.

Despite this rejection, the experience as a whole taught me a great deal. Aspects of art that I had not considered include people’s differing perception of what art “is” and fitting art into a particular market. My naive mind assumed that true art lovers would look to the heart of each piece and what it represented. And I also realized that this particular exhibit was a fundraiser. The target market was the wealthy, elite.

While thankful for this experience, it will not change my focus. I will continue to create for the purpose of worshiping my Creator, and for personal expression and growth. And although it didn’t remain, I’m still excited that my piece was selected to be in the exhibit.

amanda ∞

10 thoughts on “Ouch.

  1. Lesa Wood says:

    Amanda…you are so humble.In my jadedness,I can imagine the “type” of people that were involved with this.You are definitely not like them.You keep your art real & what it should truly be about.Which is how you have inspired me!

  2. Valerie A. says:

    Amanda, I think this is a fascinating and beautiful piece. I’m sorry that some of the integrity of the show was lost with the organizers’ treatment of you and your art in such a public manner, after _they_ selected it themselves. I admire your openness to letting God move you in creative ways and your using His gifts and His creation as media in your expression. Blessings.

  3. Rachel Bowman says:

    I was just so sad as I read this post! Your art is beautiful and accepted by a different market, I guess. Your gifts have been such a blessing to me as I pass them onto Ella, thank you for sharing them.

  4. titus2woman says:

    (((((Amanda))))) LOVE your attitude and wanna congratulate you on your first art show!!!!! That IS a huge, major deal! No matter what happened in the end, you were chosen! You were wanted!!! That speaks volumes to me. Your art is beautiful! (((((HUGS)))))) sandi

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