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Opera singing, anyone?

Wow, last night I was able to attend a Master Class by great opera singer, Sergio Blásquez. Listening to him talk of his techniques, his life, and watching him give instruction to some very talented singers was amazing. Do you realize opera singers use their legs and torso, but not their shoulders to sing? Do you realize sound resonates from their whole head, not just the mouth?

I also had the opportunity to listen to him in church Sunday morning. He brought me to tears singing The Lord’s Prayer. The high notes towards the end that are so difficult to reach, he sang so perfectly and fluidly. I now know what that song is supposed to sound like.

And Sunday evening he sang at our church again. Towards the end of the evening, he sang a well known opera song. If I were well versed I could share with you the title, composer, and opera from which it came, but I am not. I recognized the song though. My thoughts were, “He sang it perfectly. He sang it like the composer intended when it was written.” I looked forward to a particular repeated phrase in the song just because it was so amazing. I’m still floating.

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  1. OH how WONDERFUL! I am really coveting this cd for my children (well, and myself!):

    I wish I could by that lake house~the pics of fun memories alone make it EXTREMELY appealing! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

    This CD is excellent. We listened to the enticing sound bytes and the kids were disappointed the whole song wasn’t available. I can see, or rather, hear why this is on your wish list.

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