Ol’ Stumpy

Art Every Day Month – Day 14
Bedtime reading
This is my man, reading in bed, and one of the fastest scribbly-sketches I’ve done, and it was so fun to do!

Scott says, “I look all stumpy, and is that a mustache?”
I say, “I said it was fun, not accurate.”

The cat was going to be my model last night, but she wouldn’t behave. She kept attacking the sheets, then just up and ran away.

Tonight I have a plan. I’ll rub summer sausage on Scott’s arm and she’ll want to sit right by his side. Good kitty.

My husband, ol’ stumpy, is my greatest encourager. Whenever I say “if” when referring to my dreams, he always corrects me with “when,” and then he helps me to bring the dreams to life. I don’t know if he’ll go along with the summer sausage idea though.

amanda ∞

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