Oh nuts!

I am so glad to have wandered through our neighborhood yesterday. Not only did I soak up some glorious sun before the rain clouds arrived, but I also found a treasure pile of acorns, big beautiful acorns. Have you examined an acorn recently? They are truly beautiful in shape, texture, color. I filled my pockets and ran home to my studio with an immediate hankering to solder. And here’s what came of it!
Wrist acorn Wrist acornpic Whole acorn Acornpic Acorn Wrist

Love it? It’s listed in my Etsy shop, and also my Artfire shop.

Artfire is experimental for me. The format is very similar to Etsy. It is a handmade, online marketplace, but by accepting fewer marketing options, a seller can list and sell unlimited for free. I signed up for the free option, then later upgraded so that I can have a marketplace kiosk on my Facebook page. Now I pay a monthly flat rate no matter how much I list or sell. At this point, I have sold only 1 item on Artfire. Etsy, on the other hand, is just cooking along. Also, when I list a new item in both shops, the Etsy shop always has more than triple the views than Artfire. I’ll keep this experiment going for a bit longer, but unless Artfire heats up, I’ll be closing that shop down.

And, although I’m not a power tweeter, I invite you to join me on Facebook: amanda.jolley and Espressivo, or Twitter: hiddenart

amanda ∞

7 thoughts on “Oh nuts!

  1. Rachel says:

    How beautiful! Ella picked up some acorns when we were on a walk a couple of weeks ago. I think the bottoms look like they’ll make a good stamp for the background of some homemade cards. It’s on my To Do list. 🙂

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