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I woke up today feeling so normal, and good. My head is clear and I can focus. And the most wonderful part is that through this bought of SAD, I never felt full-out depression. Yay!

I have been doing creative things like making delicious mustard. This mustard is so full of flavor it inspires creativity. Therefore I deem it art. The recipe in the Nourishing Traditions cookbook makes a delicious mustard, and I found through experimentation the perfect blend of mustard powders from my local herb store. Using a mix of hot and regular mustard powders, this mustard produces an incredible zing. We find ourselves not only using it in traditional ways, but also adding it to our soups and the like.

Our pickle supply was getting low, so I had to whip up a couple jars of fermented cucumbers. I have found that the fresh garden cucumbers taste superior, but during this time of year and through the winter I use the cute little cucumbers available at Costco. One pack of these makes two quart jars. The Nourishing Tradition recipe for fermented cucumbers is the base, but I always add garlic cloves as well.

And today, besides spending time in my art studio, I plan on getting the house back in order. My husband was out of town this past week, and with me not functioning normally, the house did slip a bit. The kids did a wonderful job picking up the slack though. Without them the dishes would still be dirty, and that mountain of clean clothes would still be on the couch. Now to attack the dust bunnies…

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2 Comments on “Normalcy”

  1. It is good to hear that you are feeling better today. I didn’t know that the Phoenix Herb Store sold herbs. For some odd reason I only thought that they had tea. I will have to check them out the next time I run low.

    I really like days when I can catch up, cook and clean. They don’t happen often enough.

  2. Amanda,

    I am late catching up on this entry. I am glad you experienced an up time! I can’t believe all you find time to do. Perhaps what you describe as down times is when you are functioning like I do all the time. The only fresh pickles in my home are gifts from my MIL. I have never even once thought to make mustard from scratch.

    I need a day to catch up too… we traveled and then my husband went on the road. I can’t seem to function well when he is gone. Funny, I was single for 7 years before marrying him ~

    My response:
    You have two young ones keeping you occupied. I seem to remember first reading about your soapmaking several years ago, so we just have different things keeping us busy now. 🙂

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