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NO DEEP THINKING (short term)

I may be scarce the next few days as I get caught up on life. My parents left yesterday after a lovely visit. I miss them already because they are so fun and because now my responsibilities await.

We planned our school schedule to have this week off. That helps. Now I just need to:

  • plan my weekly menu & grocery list and shop too
  • pay bills
  • get caught up on Latin
  • do some work for the Courage to Change Walk
  • get lunch prepared for our favorite ladies tomorrow
  • catch up with recording school hours per Missouri homeschool law
  • oops, I almost forgot, clean the house

That’s a good start. I also have a couple things thatย I’ve been procrastinating all summer which I’d really like to check off the list FOREVER. (I’d much rather be blogging though.)

I will be hovering around the computer checking in now and then, but I’ve promised myself to do NO DEEP THINKING until my chores are done. I’m going to go mope now.

ย Update: I’m done. Hurray! I can blog again.

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  1. You forgot to put “fix your husband a sammich!” on your list.

    And a pickle on the side, dear?

  2. Too funny!

    Hey, the list is getting done. I have a feeling the last thing on the list will be the last one done, too. lol

    We’re having company over this weekend, so the cleaning became the priority. Otherwise it would have been done last!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & for letting me know you’ll post about your book sometime in the future…when you get all that work done! ๐Ÿ™‚ I just noticed in your curriculum in the sidebar — we’re using TOG Yr 1 for the first time this year & I have 2 who use MUS.

    I’m almost done catching up with my stuff! Yay.
    Although we have used TOG for a couple years, we are on Year 1 this year. We began our journey in TOG in Year 3. It’s been so good for our family.

  4. Amanda,

    It is so nice that you went on a thinking break when I am busy. Now, I am not so far behind reading your blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well, how very convenient! Glad I could coordinate our schedules.

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