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My mom and dad visited last week. Mom and I had fun as she designed some jewelry pieces for gifts, and I soldered for her. I love how they turned out.


Friendship Ring:



This was her first time creating charms. I think she did such a wonderful job. Her recipients are in for a treat.

I have found that since our school year began, I have had little creative time. Although I would not change for the world how our family has chosen to live, I am longing for time in my art studio. This fun time with my mom just made me realize how long it has been since I made charms. Months! Much too long anyway.

I’ve enjoyed having my focus on drawing this month for The Big Draw 2008. This is an area I’ve really wanted to develop and grow. Since I began my creative journey, my thinking has changed from “I can’t draw” to “well, that looks cool.” My expectations have definitely changed. This has removed alot of baggage that was hindering my from learning to draw in the first place.

  • Side note: The Latin word Impedimentum means hindrance in singular and baggage in plural.

I am ready to move on from my drawing focus though. This next month is Leah’s Art Every Day Month.

Although I plan on participating, I have made a rule for myself that I do not have to post every creative thing I do. So while I plan on “doing” art every day, I may not get it posted if time doesn’t allow. As Carla Sonheim says, “Give Yourself Rules,” along with the quotes she added to reinforce this truth. Establishing this rule will give me the freedom to create without worrying about the extra time it may take to post.

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4 Comments on “My Mom the Artist”

  1. Your mom is an artist. I especially like the friendship ring. But all are great. Okay ART EVERY DAY next…so we can draw again or quilt or charm or collage, I’m up for that and also okay with not posting daily or every single thing I make either.

  2. I love your moms creations!! I stopped by to say thank you for your comment-I so appreciate it, especially coming from such a wonderful artist as yourself:)

  3. I love your Mom’s work, and I think I am going to do the art every day challenge along with you and all the others…something outside of photography. I am a little nervous but I think I am up for the challenge.

    Pray with me:-)

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