My Moleskine

I love paper. I love handwriting. Therefore I must journal.

My journal goes with me everywhere. It is available at all times.

My journaling is different than my blogging. It is personal, more specific.

Often what I write in my journal clarifies my thinking on a particular subject that leads me to blogging.

Often it is a prayer journal. When I write out my prayers, I am able to look back and see how God was leading even through my requests to Him.

A few years ago, I discovered the Moleskine (pronounced molaskeena) diary. There is a page for each day. While I may miss a day, or write more than a page on another day, the dated pages allow me to reflect on what was going on in my life at a particular point in time. The pages are also designed to allow use as a planner with a time index down the side, so in addition to my thoughts or prayers, I can see the specific events that happened that day.

A new page for each day,
for notes and appointments.
Both pocket and large size.
380 lined pages.

Texture is a lovely thing. I absolutely appreciate the texture of the pages in my Moleskine. They are thick and thoughtful, inviting words to spread out on the page. Although the diary is lined, I have found myself sketching and doodling as well. I have entertained the idea of using the sketch book in place of the diary, but words are the primary source of art in my journal, so I doubt I take that leap.

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