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My heart beets for you

Happy Valentine’s Day!
My heart beets for you #dinnertime #valentine

The beet is one of the most gorgeous vegetables I have handled. The rich, deep color and patterns that emerge from a freshly cut beet always inspires me deeply. My first love of beets stemmed from the canned beets my grandmother would make from her garden. I didn’t try my first raw beet until adulthood though. I was surprised how drawn I was to the earthly, nurturing smell.

The past few months I have found that missing element in creating fresh, delicious meals for my family again. While I love to cook with fresh, whole ingredients, that hasn’t been happening as often as we all would have liked the past couple years. The place that tripped me up was the planning. The time it took me to figure out what we were having for the week and then put together a grocery list often caused me to take the fast route and use more prepackaged foods than I felt comfortable with. So what’s my magic missing element? I have Jenny at Nourished Kitchens do the meal planning for me. Each week I receive a meal plan for 3 full dinners, plus several bonus recipes, including shopping list. Along with the menu comes timing tips, so if there is anything I need to do ahead of time, I can easily plan for it without having to shlog through each recipe. We have found that with a busy family, the meal plan easily feeds us for the week, and the food I’m preparing is not only delicious, it is fresh and made from scratch.

Disclaimer:  The meal planning and recipes from Nourished Kitchen are not for everyone, but they are for those who love to prepare meals from whole, fresh ingredients. If you do not like to cook, it is definitely not for you. If you love to experiment, than yes!


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