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My Calling

The kids and I have been preparing and serving lunch weekly to a group of women recovering from prostitution and substance abuse. Have you ever felt like God has shown you just what He had been preparing you for your whole life? This is how I feel about these weekly lunches. God not only prepared me spiritually and physically (in the kitchen), but He has also provided all the tools I need to do this. I have all the plates, utensils, pots, pans, new dishwasher, double oven range, lots of plastic containers, the vehicle to transport all this stuff. You may say this is just stuff we all build up as we go through life, but there is a story of its own behind each one of these items. They were each a gift from God. I can look at each thing and say, “Thank you, Lord, for bringing this into my life. Thank You for the experience that came with it.”The things important to me in serving these women each week are making sure that they feel honored, preparing nourishing meals, having nothing disposable on the table.

My 10 yr old son is quite a gentleman. He pulls the chairs out for all the ladies as they sit. He fills their cups and removes their plates. He brings them dessert, and treats them with such respect. These women have had very few men in their lives that have treated them with dignity. They love the attention given to them by him.

We also prepare name cards for them with a different Bible verse each week. I wasn’t sure how this would go over, but wanted each person to know that her name was important and God’s Word was important. Many of them are saving these name cards. The first week we served, one woman exclaimed, “Oh, it’s my name!”  Now they immediately look for their names when they arrive and quickly flip the card to read the verse. These women were once nameless on the streets. Now they are called by name.

The reason we have no disposable items on the table is because of the disposable lifestyle they have come from in which nothing had value, not even themselves. They have been thrown away time and time again. I pray for them as I wash and iron the napkins each week, as I load the dishwasher again and again, as I prepare the menu and shop, as I cook throughout the week in preparation. They are worth my time. God has granted me this time and I honor Him with it. Praise You, Lord!

My children have been such a blessing as we serve. They do not complain about what they could be doing. They don’t grumble about having to “work.” What a humbling example of service! Thank you, Lord.

The long-term affects of this service will be far reaching. My daughter is so at home in the kitchen now. She is usually the one to prepare the dessert. She is also my assistant for all other cooking. For whatever God has in store for their futures, He is preparing them now. Praise You, Lord.

And thank You, Lord, for preparing my heart for this. Thank You for bringing me to this place. To God be all the glory.

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