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My Brain is a Zentangle

Zentangle 1 The Nov/Dec 2009 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors CPS1109 has a fun article, “Add pattern to journals with Zentangles and transfers” by Sandy Steen Bartholomew. I’ve seen many Zentangles, but the timing must have been just right because now I have Zentangle fever. I’ve been a fan of JK Bees art for some time, which is extremely Zentangly. Check out her Black and White album on Flickr, or her Moleskine journals. Love it!

I think these zentangles are such a perfect picture of how my brain feels lately. So full of so much, and everything intertwined. No wonder I’m drawn to them. This year I did not join in the Art Every Day Month challenge because of my trip to Amsterdam, but for my own fun, I’m planning on doing a zentangle a day for the rest of the month.

November is typically a difficult time of year for me. It’s usually when I am hit with a bad case of Seasonal Affective Disorder. I was fully aware of this before stepping into the Amsterdam trip and knew the week could turn out quite interesting, but guess what! No SAD. I think that it had a lot to do with how I embrace the outdoors this time of year. Normally when it gets chilly, I find myself indoors for longer periods of time. The Amsterdam trip forced me outside, walking each day, all day, no matter the weather. And I feel great. Upon returning home to the same chilly, wet weather I experienced in Amsterdam, being outside suddenly didn’t seem so shocking or uncomfortable. In fact the air felt quite invigorating. I’m hoping to keep up this love of chilly air and the great outdoors as the season progresses. I will miss the layout of Amsterdam though. It truly is a pedestrian and bike friendly city. No sprawl. And the scenery and architecture are so lovely.

HamsterdamAmsterdam Discovery Trip

The highlight of the Amsterdam trip for me did not occur in Amsterdam, but rather Haarlem. For those of you that have read Corrie ten Boom’s, The Hiding Place, you will understand. Corrie’s personal biography is an amazing inspiration to all who have experienced suffering, and even for those who are discontent with life. Her story will put life in perspective. And I had the honor of stepping into her home and seeing firsthand all the rooms and the stairs I had envisioned while reading. I don’t want to spoil her story. Read the book. Even now I well up with emotion thinking of her experiences and approach to life. I am so thankful that she was preserved to share her story.

The Ten Boom watch shop is now a jewelers, and I was so please to see the Ten Boom name preserved.

Ten Boom Jewelers

My little camera just did not perform in a pleasing manner while I was traveling, so I was very thankful that the museum had a book full of pictures and stories about the Ten Boom family. A Visit to the Hiding Place: The Life-Changing Experiences of Corrie ten Boom was available for purchase only from the museum and has found a place in my home. It is a reminder of God’s restorative power, how He can use the most horrific events to produce goodness, forgiveness, and unfathomable love.

amanda ∞

The Ten Boom watch shop is now a jewelers, and I was so please to see the Ten Boom name preserved.

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  1. Oh, I really want to visit Amsterdam someday! November is a tougher time of year for me too with the darkening days, but I’ve been trying to walk outside more too. I hope, like you, that I can keep it up as it gets colder!!

  2. My dear friend,
    For some reason I thought I’d added your new url to my blogs I follow, but I just realized today that I hadn’t heard from you for awhile, and discovered that I didn’t have your new address in yet. I’ve enjoyed reading about your trip and I have this copy of Cloth, Paper, Scissors as well. I think these zentangles look fascinating; I’ll have to try them myself.

    Love you!


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