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Today we served our last meal at the current location of VERONICA’s Voice. The meal was devoured. We served sloppy joes, corn, kettle chip, apple slices, and brownies for dessert; a good, hearty meal for these cold, snowy days. We will move into the new location next week. I’m excited about this for many reasons both physical and spiritual. To list but a couple, the new location is much closer to my home, and rather than a windowless basement, it will be in an inviting, sunshiny facility.

This morning while prolonging my warm shower, I prayed focusing particularly on my family at VERONICA’s Voice. One particular girl that God brought to mind I haven’t seen in awhile. She was pregnant last time I saw her, so I prayed for her and her baby. Well, I should have known that God had a surprise for me. She was there today with her new baby boy. I told her that I had prayed for her just this morning and was so glad she and her baby were safe and healthy. She looked at me and said, “Thank you for praying for me.” That awesome God of mine wanted this girl to know that He loved her and that others do care and think of her. I’m always thrilled and in awe when He uses me like this.

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  1. You are thrilled and in awe when He uses you like that… Imagine what He feels when He could use a yielded vessel like you!

    Beautiful post again, Amanda.

  2. It is so neat to read how you are listening to your God-voice ~ and that God is making it clear that He is blessing a working through you.

    How cool that Veronica’a Voice has a new home.

  3. That is simply awesome!!! You showed her Jesus in the flesh, blessing to you for allowing yourself to be used by Him.

    A new sunshine facility sounds great for Veronica’s Voice as they continue to allow sunshine to shine in the lives of those they serve.

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