Moving too fast

Today was a good lesson in patience (which I wasn’t displaying). Not only was I not patient, but I was not intuitive with my work. One word description: enthusiastic.

Art Every Day Month – Day 20
(yesterday’s work)
Fabric & encaustic
Today after building layers (quickly)
After scraping away layers
I don't know
Seems a bit chaotic.

And another learning experience:
Learning curve
This was looking awesome until I painted over with another layer and smeared the splatters beneath.

So am I back to judging myself? No. I’m just listening to myself. I need to slow down and learn how this works. Perhaps I need to refer to Encaustic Workshop just a little bit closer and take my experimentation piece by piece.

I am learning, what I like, what I don’t like, what works…. It’s growth.

And I did come out with a really fun piece that I can’t show you because it’s a gift. I’ll show you later this month.

amanda ∞

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