Environmentally conscious, not a label for me. I was born a lover of this earth. It is so beautiful. I was a recycler way before it was politically correct. But I hate labels. And I hate marketing. I don’t shop much and avoid advertising, but my mom has been pointing out to me how the word GREEN is everywhere. She is right that we are once again being told how to think.

This is the rant portion of this post:
Because I do not like mass-marketing and consumerism, I refuse to purchase a “green” product (like cleaning spray) from a company that is well known for it’s non-green products. The company is just tapping into another portion of the consumer market. They truly don’t care about the environmental impact. I also refuse to buy clothing that promotes “being green” from a name brand store, just another way to mass market a popular idea. Because I am stubborn and don’t like to be told what to do by companies that just want my money, I have made the pledge to buy handmade.
Rant pretty much over…

I truly do love to recycle and am proactive about bringing as little waste packaging into our home as possible. We take our refillable water bottles everywhere. I pull weeds (sometimes) rather than chemically creating the perfect lawn. We cook “from scratch” to the extreme trying to purchase foods as close to their original consumptive state as possible, i.e. raw milk, wheat berries, dried beans, etc. I try to purchase as much as possible locally and organically. But I do none of this because of the current GREEN movement.

God made this beautiful earth for us, and not only do I feel responsible as His child to treat this gift with care, but I also believe that He designed things to work together perfectly for our health and well-being. Here’s a quote from a previous post that perfectly sums up these thoughts:

We are eating foods in a state that is closer to how God created them. Does it not make sense that God created these foods for our benefit, and that they would not have to be altered to be “good for us?” The milk is not homogenized or pasteurized. The fruits and veggies are as local and as organic as possible. The beans are dry, not canned. Unprocessed or cold-processed, unpasteurized and as close to the earth as possible, that’s my choice. Naturally fermented is delicious and unleashes flavors unknown to “canning.” As a general rule, if the food has been altered to be mass marketed, it has probably been changed for the worse.

But I must say these rising gas prices may have been the motivation I needed to think even more consciously about the energy and money I’m wasting each day. With the weather warming, our family has been biking quite a bit more. We are making an effort to have no extra-curricular activities out of our area of the city. My husband and I are running as many errands as possible on our bikes or by hitting as many places as possible when we do need to drive. We’re also trying to use as little energy as possible at home by making small changes to our routine.

We could just change our budget and keep spending and using like before. My husband does not have a fixed income. He’s a freelance videographer that gets paid by the job. He could just make an effort to work a few more days each month and we could raise our budget to meet our desires. But our budget is reasonable, and we have found a great balance with his time at home. Our family is very close and we are not willing to loose that intimacy for a larger income.

So here’s the real motivation for me. I want to be able to purchase art supplies without changing our current budget. The cost of living is rising. I must therefore fight back and find ways to save money so that my little art supply $pad$ isn’t spent on gasoline, or the rising cost of raw milk. Isn’t that just like God. He is using His design of me and my love of the creative to prompt me to care for His creation in a greater way.

amanda ∞

4 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. El Skhottos says:

    I cannot just run out and get a few more days of work!
    YOu make it sound like I just laze about working when the whim might strike me.
    your poor husband who works all he can!

  2. monty says:

    Didn’t you know that “green” is the new “fat free” and “no msg”?

    When we were in Wisconsin, Christy had a bottle of Crisco Extra Virgin Olive Oil. How about that one for ya!

    love to you…

  3. Sarah says:

    Are you being successful at cutting expenses in this way and is it making enough of a dent? We have always combined trips. I don’t like to get out enough to do each trip individually. The kids and I ran the numbers with regards to biking. It takes 4 trips to work or 8 trips to church or Crown Center to save a gallon. Most of our other errands are combined and with kids and bikes are not yet feasible.

    I need to see if there is any way to cut utilities more. I cringe because we just added the HD box. D says it shuts off after 15 minutes but the light never goes off. There goes more electricity.

  4. titus2woman says:

    ROFLOL! LOVE yer dh’s comment~OH LOL! Great post, and GIRL! You have really, really BLESSED ME! *THANK YOU!* (((((HUGS))))) sandi

    I thought it was pretty funny too. He’s even more hilarious in person.

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