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Little things

AEDM Day 16

Sometimes it’s the little things, like the leaf handed to me by a 7 year old, a treasure to cherish; and the notice received from my body that not only do I need the gym, I need the outdoors. The journal I’ve been using was given to me by a dear friend when I had to put my big dog to sleep this year. What a thoughtful gift. I cherish it. I also love the texture of the paper made of cotton. My big fat ink nib loves it too.

And an honor today, I am guest blogger at Sue Simpson’s Earthtone Studios. For a glimpse into the journey of becoming me, go there.

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  1. the gym? yes. the outdoors? yes. thankfully, both were mine today. 🙂 so enjoyed your writing. it’s wonderful realizing who He made us to be and then, living that life. thank you for writing.

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