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Light Box

So I recently opened my own Etsy shop. In order to do this, I had to photograph my rings.

After viewing the photos on my Etsy shop, my husband went to his shop and quickly made me a Light Box covered in silk and gave me some instructions on taking photos.

So today, I tried again. The silk filters the sun nicely. I feel another skill is to be learned. This will be fun.

 amanda ∞

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  1. The box has a flap that can fold down in either the front or back, depending on which way the box is facing… it has a hole in it that you could poke the lens thru if your using a frontal light. I told Amanda to shoot thru the box and her backgrounds would be soft and out of focus but you could also hang paper or any other material as a backdrop as well. The light source usually would come from the top and then wrap around the subject.
    The material is from an old parachute, I hope the guy checks his pack before he jumps.

  2. Wow, what a fabulous tip! I am always struggling with taking well-lit photos of my art. I will definitely try this. The resulting photo of your ring was very complimentary Amanda!

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