Letter to Grandma

My dearest Grandma,

I wrote a letter to a friend today. Writing letters always makes me think of you. I loved getting letters from you, and writing them as well. I loved your handwriting and your poetry. I wish I could write you a letter and send it by mail. I wish I could see your face light up with recognition of my voice. I miss your phone calls on my birthday and anniversary. I wish I could hear you call me your Sunshine. I miss you. I loved the shape of your crooked hand and your thinning skin. You are so beautiful to me. Your love was often my salvation when I was growing up. I just want one more hug, just one more please.

Your Sunshine

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  1. Tami says:

    Oh ((Amanda))
    I have an amazing relationship with my Grandma. She is my dad’s mom. She is 86 years old and sill lives on her own and with a spring in her step. I cherish every single moment with her, knowing that the Lord may take her home to be with Him.
    I’ve gotta go now, I want to call my Grandma.
    Lots of Love, Tami

  2. art4life says:

    My Grandma was so very special. She was like a mother to me because my own mom was very sick when I was little. I spent a lot of time with her. I know what it is like to miss her. May God, and the memories of Grandma comfort you.


  3. Acceptance-with-Joy says:

    [I loved the shape of your crooked hand and your thinning skin] Whenever I saw my Grandma, I would always hold her hand and play with her thinning skin. For some reason, it fascinated me. Her hands are probably my clearest memory of her.

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