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Lesson repeated

This morning I woke up feeling very gray, not even blue. As I made my way through my melancholy day, my son and I really had a lovely time. He beat me again at another game of Heroscape, but I did triumph in Battleship. As the evening comes to a close, I finally figured out why I am not my chipper self. I haven’t been going to bed on time. I’ve stayed up late every night this week working on my art journal. I often stay up when my husband is out of town, but not this late. Although I had a productive and fun time with my late nighters, tonight I’m off to bed at a decent hour, being mindful of the lesson I’ve learned so many times before: Take care of myself physically and emotionally! This week I’ve only taken care of myself emotionally, but without the physical part, the emotions run out pretty quick too.

The boy and I ate cheese and chocolate this week. We also ate lunch at our favorite restaurant, You Say Tomato. For dessert yesterday, we split this:

and today we went back just for a treat because they made my son’s very favorite chocolate cake:
I wonder if that had anything to do with him calling them early Tuesday asking if they had any made.

I’ve really enjoyed working in my art journal and am finally finding the merge between my written journal and my art. Kira has encouraged us to take our art journals out and about, and not to just work on them at home, so I packed my sweet little cigar box with essential supplies. (My dad fixed up the cigar box for me. It used to be my grandpa’s ~ makes it even cooler.) Tossed it in my messenger bag, and worked on my art journal while we had lunch at You Say Tomato. It was so fun! So I had to take it with me again today.

This page is from lunch yesterday with some tweeking when we got home:

And this one is today’s:

Well I’m off to get a good night’s sleep. Sweet dreams, ya’ll.

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7 Comments on “Lesson repeated”

  1. Hello there! How did you find me? You know I’m so slow on the learning curve. I haven’t done much on either blog lately, but I continue to enjoy checking yours out. You are so inspirational. I have been checking my library for many of the books you’ve been recommending. Love to look at your links, too. Fun stuff!

    Unfortunately, I am staying up late because of the weather. Darling Hubby needs his rest, I suppose I can give up a little to keep us all safe.

    Patiently awaiting the return of my son!

  2. So he is a chocolate cake with mocha frosting fan. Huh? We were in for our pickup. Dan perused all of the offering. The kids even let him buy something. Creating/working at YST sounds like much fun.

  3. I would have to look at your blog today when my chocolate craving is at an all-time high! Looks yummy. Love the art pages, too! Sounds like you two have had a great week!

  4. My all time favorite indulgence is chocolate cake. I could eat it for breakfast! LOL.
    Good luck with the holiday decor cleanout. I find that task easier to do this time of the year. Around Christmastime I am more sentimental about things and tend to hold on to the silliest things. Bless you today Amanda. In God’s Love, Tami

  5. I really like the art journal you are working on Amanda.
    I have been thinking of you.
    I need to go to bed earlier too. I feel sleepy a lot in the day from staying up late.
    xoxo Nita

  6. Oh, the coconut with lemon filling looks spectacular! I hope you are feeling better

    BTW, I am sleep deprived when my husband travels too. I guess I am not old enough to go to bed at a reasonable hour without being told! 😉

  7. I love how you are not afraid to draw, paint, and write in your journals Amanda!
    The picture of your book with the cigar box of art stuffs is really cute as well.
    What is it about artsy people and our voyeuristic love for photos that allow us to peer into creative spaces of others?

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