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Learning Latin

This year my daughter and I are learning Latin. I have been surprised by how much fun it is. We are using The Latin Road to English Grammar and find it quite thorough. Each lesson is interactive with the teacher and student having to copy information into a workbook, work through the parts of speech to determing Latin endings, etc. I work ahead, of course, so that I am able to teach each lesson. Latin truly engages the brain. I’ve also enjoyed seeing the relation between these Latin words and our present day language. The history of language is fascinating.This is yet another subject that I was not exposed to in my schooling. I am learning more than the children at this point. Does anyone else feel like all of History was skipped in the public school system? I don’t remember learning anything of historical value except about Columbus which somehow got tied in with Thanksgiving.

Another contrast between my public school experience and homeschooling would be the quality of literature. I truly was not aware of all the excellent books available. In the elementary years, our class had library time. We would all go to the library, pick through the books and read whatever we liked, but there was no encouragement to read good literature. What was a girl to do when she ran out of Judy Blume books to read?

I love homeschooling not only because my children are receiving an excellent education tailored to their specific needs and interests, but I get to learn all the things that I did not with my own schooling experience.

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