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Label Maker

What labels do you wear? Which labels do you identify with? Which have you labeled yourself? And which labels have others given you?

Some of mine:

  • artist
  • entrepreneur
  • accountant
  • follower of Christ
  • homeschool mom
  • paper lover
  • that woman who keeps changing her hair color

This August, I joined Jan Avallena in her Shine Bright E-Course. (Next round begins in October. I highly recommend!) With the e-course, I was expecting to be inspired, to find insight, and to be able to share in safe community, and have received all of these things. But the timing of this e-course has allowed for such clarity on many questions I’ve been wrestling with this summer. We are only half way through with the course and I can easily say it is a pivot point for me.

One a-ha in the e-course happened yesterday when I wrote “I am losing that desire to “be something” and instead just be.” So I pondered; just what I have been trying to be? And it hit me. I have been trying to create a business out of my creative life and in doing so, I have been forming myself into what I perceive a creative entrepreneur with my skill set should be and do. And I really don’t fit the mold I envision. I’m coming to realize that many of my time wasting habits, such as checking my facebook and email a bazillion times a day, or just wasting my day on the computer running down rabbit holes, are just to distract myself from doing the things I think a “successful” creative entrepreneur would be doing. A couple words come to mind: procrastination and self-sabotage.

Perhaps entrepreneur is not the right label for me just yet. My heart’s desire is  to continue to learn and grow as an artist and to inspire others to find the creativity within themselves. Perhaps I don’t even like the idea of a my creativity being defined in the business realm. I don’t know. That’s something I’ll be wrestling with a bit more. The really nice thing is I have time.

Other astounding revelations learned this summer:

  • Bird watching is more fascinating than facebook
  • I really don’t need coffee to survive
  • An afternoon nap hits the spot
  • Playtime is essential
So how are your labels fitting?


7 Comments on “Label Maker”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I hope to join the October class, and glad to know you recommend it so highly! 🙂 I am right there with you, except for the whole not needing coffee to survive thing 😉

    God Bless!

  2. I get labeled a lot, but I don’t know what I would label myself with. I think sometimes I just give up on labels as I hear them so often.

  3. even if I put a label on my sock drawer…somehow a cami would find its way in there…I am giving up on labels…they are too limiting…let’s just “be” what we need to be to Glorify Him in all ways. j

  4. I love my labels, and I love other people’s labels (describing themselves). Labels are great because they showcase who we are, how we are different. We get into such trouble being critical of who other people are and who God made them to be, ie, my labels are better than yours! I have found it much easier on myself being mindful of who I am and then all the doing, which there is always enough of, falls in line with who I am as a person and not what I think I should be achieving or what others think I should be achieving. (Also, I can survive without coffee, but there is just no other taste like it out there for a replacement!)

  5. What a great thought provoking post. I tend to have such a negative impression of being labeled that I expected your post to head that direction. How refreshing to see how you have identified yourself through these labels. I come away with a sense of wanting to reframe my concept of labels and find the ones that really identify who I am and what I know I was created to do with my life and keep them in front of me as reminders for those days when that old voice of the enemy tries to creep in and knock me down.

  6. There are different kinds of labels… the roles we play are just one of them. The negative descriptors that we absorb from society and make part of who we are and create havoc in our life I am currently fighting the label failure, unloved, adoptive. Those adjectives that are designed to make us less than. And, then, there are my favorite labels. They are care labels that tell us how to treat one another. Image bearer…

    I tried to talk to my Dad about these different labels when I was walking Marissa through her evaluations toward the diagnosis of fetal alcohol syndrome. “You don’t want to label her.” But, she already was… lazy, defiant, rebellious, unattached… or a diagnosis that comes with care instructions.

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