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Journal pages & AEDM

Fly: I didn’t add much after all. It just seemed to speak this way. I just added more color to the tree and journaled in pencil.

Experimentation and Friendship sermon notes: On these pages, I was experimenting with how markers and water soluble crayons interacted. No wow factor, just learning. The sermon on friendship today was incredible. Once again, if you’d like to listen, select Building World Changers: Direction in Real Time: Friendship on this page.

I’m feeling normal again today, so I am hopeful that my autumn bought of Seasonal Affective Disorder is over. Yay! This is reason for celebration. This year I was very proactive and found that approaching it this way lessened the intensity and duration.

Now I look forward to posting more frequently for Art Every Day Month. I have the hankerin’ to make some jewelry. My etsy shop needs some fresh items. It’s getting a bit stale over there.

Have a creative and fruitful day!

amanda ∞

3 Comments on “Journal pages & AEDM”

  1. love the cat hiding in the bushes. Our cat does that…and the bird is cute too. He can model some I need to draw for my latest art quilt. 😉

  2. hey amanda…. these are great pages… youve been having fun! i havent made in anything in awhile and i’m really needing to get back in the “studio” ….

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