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My husband bought a bass guitar to add to our family of instruments. I fell in love. I call it mine, but haven’t told the family yet.
My new instrument
Although we are not a musically gifted family, music is part of each of us. Among our instruments include the accordion, violin, electric & acoustic guitar, bass, drum set, piano, trumpet and flute. Our family favorite to play right now would be this:

My daughter rocks on the accordion.

But, back to Art Every Day Month, today is day 5, and what a creative and artistic day it’s been. The morning started with our creativity class at Veronica’s Voice. I lead a class once a month that engages the right side of the brain as we focus on nurturing and appreciation. Today we painted on rocks that my husband collected from the Flint Hills of Kansas. Here is some of the beautiful pieces created:
Student work: Love, growth, peaceStudent work: Lean on meStudent work: recoveryStudent work: FamilyStudent work: He is the vineStudent work: God is still in controlStudent work: God is LOVEStudent work: freedomStudent work: first day at Veronica's VoiceStudent work: dramaStudent work: celebration of selfStudent work: celebrating 30 days clean!Student work: position in the heavenliesStudent work: thankful for family
Each of these rocks carries a beautiful story of thankfulness and appreciation.

My first Remains of the Day journal cover was completed today as well. I just love the free hand stitching on the sewing machine. Today seemed to be a swirly day as many circular patterns appeared.
Free hand swirly-doodles
Words seemed to flow easily, penned with a needle and thread.
Free hand MEOW
Can you see my signature?
Free hand signature
Complete with a vintage ribbon tie.
The ROD cover complete

amanda ∞

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