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Jamaica bound

Today is one of lists and packing. We are going to Jamaica. My husband has been asked to make a new video for Won By One. You can view his last one here which was done about 5 years ago.

My children from the last trip:

I am fond of this place. There was a time in my life of turmoil and unrest as I sought God, but could not seem to find Him. In 1999 my first trip to Jamaica with this group is where God spoke to me. He said, “It’s not about you. It’s about me.” This thought shook my world. Being the baby of the family, being a girl of brothers, I felt I had always gotten my way. And as I grew into adulthood, life was really about me and my happiness. I was crying out to God because I was not happy. When my focus changed from me to Him, suddenly life had tremendous depth of meaning beyond my little realm. Suddenly life was about loving others, not receiving love for myself.

God has since taken me on many adventures to grow me into maturity, and there is still much more ahead as He continues to transform me. I look forward to this trip 10 years from the point I surrendered my “self” to God’s hands.

Rose, the wonderful cook:

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10 Comments on “Jamaica bound”

  1. What a lovely place it seems to be, both for the eye and the soul. May your spirit be rejuvinated while you’re there.

  2. May the Lord go before you and prepare the way for you and your family. May the Lord surround you with His angels and keep all of you safe from all evil, danger, sickness and harm. May the video be well produced and be a springboard for a bountiful harvest of souls for our Almighty God. Thank You Lord. Have a wonderful and blessed journey.
    Ai Boon

  3. May your work be multiplied by God’s grace. May your encounter with Him be fresh and refreshing to your soul.

  4. What a wonderful gift for your family to be able to have this experience together! I have a friend who serves with Won By One and I know she is quite blessed by her travels and service. I’ll be praying for you as you go!

  5. i just wanted to say that my recent trip home to visit family was when God told me somthing very similar to … “it’s not about you, it’s about me…” i feel much more relaxed about a lot of the situations in my life now, and i know he is in control of whatever comes of those things.
    so i hope you have an awsome trip! i can’t wait to see the blog post all about it! this is awsome!

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